Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sugar (and other refined carbohydrates) and Your Health

There have been numerous studies regarding the effects of sugar and other refined carbohydrates on traditional societies.  In other words, societies who had, up until a certain point, not had any contact with refined carbs had very few health problems associated with modern diets.  Heart disease, diabetes, dental decay, obesity, and more can be attributed to the consumption of refined sugar, wheat, and corn.

There are many studies that have been done linking sugar to these diseases.  One interesting site I stumbled across is 146 Reasons Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health.  She not only provides the list but also references for each reason.  Some of the things seem a little outlandish until you look further into what, exactly, sugar does in your body.  It's scary stuff, and it's an item most of us can't live without.  If we're not putting it in our coffee, we're putting it in our bread, and we're eating sweets.

Lots of diets praise the "low-carb" deal, but I think the main problem is not, in fact, carbohydrates themselves, but the refined carbs.  I've decided to do a "sugar cleanse" as I'm calling it, and I will cut myself off from all refined sugars for two weeks (or more) and see what happens.  I might continue it, depending on how it goes.  I hear that the cravings subside the longer you're away from sugar, and I hope that's true.  I'm really going to miss ice cream, though.  Maybe I can make it with honey.....

A few other blogs I've really been enjoying lately for their information is Matt Stone's 180 Degree Health and Stephan Guyenet's Whole Health Source.  Guyenet did a series on dental decay and things that cause it.  Check it out.

If there is anyone who would like to follow along with me as I remove refined sugars from my diet, let's go!

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