Friday, July 23, 2010

More Problems at Johnson & Johnson

When will people stop taking unnecessary prescription and non-prescription drugs? 

Yet one more FDA report of numerous violations at a Johnson & Johnson plant has been announced.  The inspectors found more than 12 types of violations.  Read my article, FDA Report Shows J&J Committed Multiple Violations where I discuss the issue.

This follows recent recalls for Tylenol and Motrin products for both adults and children.  It seems J&J doesn't really care much for quality and safety standards in their products.  So that translates into them not really giving a hoot for the safety of the people who use their products.  Money is their only concern.  I think it's time people boycotted J&J for the principle of the matter - not just until they clean up their act.  For that matter, I think people should resolve to avoid non-prescription drugs in the first place!  For the most part, they are unnecessary and dangerous.

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