Thursday, July 8, 2010

Perfect Greens - Superfood

My research has culminated in me deciding to try out the whole "superfoods" thing.  I picked up a jar of Perfect Greens Original powder last night, the 255g size.  It was pretty pricey at just under $40, but according to the ingredients, packs a big punch so hopefully it's worth the price.  I considered Greens Plus but the store where I was making the purchase didn't have the organic version of Greens Plus.  Perfect Greens has less of each ingredient in it, so I hope I made a good decision.

Here is the nutritional information for the Perfect Greens Original Powder:

You may or may not be familiar with these ingredients.  I was doing further research last night on the specific ingredients found in this product and came across a lot of great information.  Here are some links.  I will provide links to Natural News, because I think Mike Adams is a fantastic source..but all of these results are readily available elsewhere:

Chlorella Reduces Body Fat, Total Cholesterol, and Blood Glucose Levels (and more!)
Superfood Profile: Blue-Green Algae and Spirulina Offer Many Health Benefits
Bee Pollen Superfood Boosts Immune System Function
Improve Cognitive Function and Memory with Royal Jelly
Chlorophyll in Wheatgrass Proven to Fight Cancer (among other things)
Licorice Heals Ulcers, Inflammation, and Skin Conditions
J.E. Williams Talks About Three Anti-Oxidants You Should Not Do Without (discusses Vitamin C, Zinc, and Selenium-acerola berry is high in Vit C)

In any case, as you see, these ingredients all have the ability to heal or prevent pretty much any disease known to man.  So it certainly won't hurt to have a little green drink or smoothie every day.  Just a tip: start off small, with about half a teaspoon a day for a few days then gradually increase the dosage.  I can't find any specific information about it, but I assume any detox program could cause gastro-intestinal issues or otherwise if you start out too intensely.

First Impressions:
I mixed 2 mL (so just under half a teaspoon, or 1/3 dose) into about 100 mL of water.  It is a lovely dark green colour.  I expected it to be lumpy or otherwise not mix well, but it dissolved completely with a stir of the spoon.  It smells green, grassy.
Taste: not offensive, not disgusting.  The taste will take some getting used to, but it's certainly not terrible.  Even my 2 year old daughter drank the dregs of my glass (I added a bit more water) with no hesitation.  It's not bitter or sour - the stevia leaf extract takes care of that (a natural sweetener).  I assume the taste will be completely lost in a banana smoothie made with raw milk or yogurt.  Once my immersion blender is fixed I'll get back to you on that.

Speaking of my immersion blender, I plan on starting a "regrow your teeth" protocol for healing cavities in the next few days.  It involves consuming one crushed/powdered egg shell a day plus gargling with a comfrey root rinse each day for a month.  Read more about it HERE.  The egg shell is mixed into a smoothie, so this will all work out well - a smoothie with superfoods AND eggshell.  And if I can find some natural organic raw cacao powder (another superfood), I'll be making chocolate banana smoothies for myself and my husband (but not my daughter, who is allergic to chocolate).


  1. How goes it? Have you begun regrowing out your teeth with comfrey root? I just ordered some comfrey root and I will hopefully be starting this protocol next week. Alas, we'll see how it goes.

  2. I haven't been to the dentist yet so unsure. One caveat though, about comfrey - it can cause liver cancer if consumed and there is some concern that even swishing will absorb into your body to be an issue. i am not swishing once a day but once every other day. and i made a "tea" with mine, and use that.
    i have found the biggest difference has been using the coconut oil for "oil pulling" teeth are cleaner and whiter than they've been in a long time. and they feel stronger. in addition, the coconut oil is supposed to kill bacteria that causes dental decay, so hopefully everything added together stops and even reverses what I have.

  3. I simmered the comfrey root in boiling water (lid on) for 10 minutes then strained the roots out. I chewed on them the first few days. the liquid, i froze in ice cube trays and simply thaw one cube out to swish with every other day. i used about 1/8 cup comfrey root with about 1 cup water, maybe a bit more.

  4. Thank you so much for that information. I'll be sure to heed your warning and swish the root once every other day and I will look into oil pulling as well.

    Thanks again,

    Jessica Dickerson

  5. You're welcome.
    Good luck, and keep me posted!

  6. Hi Rebecca,

    I found this product (the Perfect Greens Energize) on sale and decided it was worth a try. Just curious as to how you've liked it. Notice any healthy benefits? I'd love a follow up review now that you've had some more time to try it.


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