Saturday, October 15, 2011

Things Are Getting Easier

I wouldn't say that this whole IF/Primal thing is hard. Au contraire, my friends - compared to some restrictive diets I've been on, or crazy shit workout schedules, this is the GRAVY TRAIN. But, compared to last week, where things were a little challenging, things are getting much easier.

My second 24-hour fast went by well. I admit, I was watching the clock a bit more than I'd like, but it wasn't painful or anything. I made it all the way to 24 hours plus some! And then I didn't stress about getting a whole day's worth of calories in, I had my dinner and I was fine with that. I went to bed and fasted until noon the next day, and ate as usual.

I've been working hard at trying to meet my minimum protein goal of 100g a day. I feel that is very important, so I don't lose muscle mass, and can build muscle to help me burn even more fat. I've been sticking with my workout schedule, as set by Primal Blueprint (Mark's Daily Apple) except that I didn't do my sprint on Sunday as planned, I did that one yesterday. And did my regular "lift heavy things" workout today, with a twist. I've always been more into "lift REALLY heavy things" and I love compound moves and shit, so instead of the basic 5 moves that Mark suggests, I did pushups, assisted pullups and reverse chinups, weighted squats, triceps extensions (i will do dips next time for more weight), elevated jacknife pushups, deadlifts, and the bicycle maneuver. And woo-hee, do I ever feel it! I can feel my glutes, outer thigh, a bit in my upper abs and obliques, and shoulders.

I was talking to my Fierce. Fit. Fearless FB ladies because I was considering adding a 2nd sprint day to my weekly workouts, but have decided not to. According to experts, if you do cardio within 24 hrs of a workout, you interrupt protein synthesis, which will screw you right the eff up. So don't do it. 'Nuff said. I will stick with my 2 days of "lift heavy things" and one day of sprints (5 intervals of "run as fast as you effing can for 10-30 seconds" followed by a recovery period of jogging/walking for 1-2 min, repeat x 5) plus 3-5 hours of walking a week. It's worked so far, I'm losing 2 pounds a week. Yahoo!

I want kettlebells. I think I can really add to my workouts with them. I will look into pricing and weights. And workouts, of course.


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