Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Training Day #1

I must say that I was a little apprehensive today before I started my first Boot Camp workout. It was designed to be done strictly at home, using bodyweight in exercise such as pushups and chin ups, and light 10-lb weights such as with hammer curls and one legged deadlifts, which is all I have at the moment. I thought maybe it wouldn't be intense enough for me, or - conversely, that I wouldn't have the strength or energy to get through a workout due to the restricted calories and inadequate amount of protein I've been forced to adapt to due to low food budget. By the way, I totally LOVE one legged dead lifts! Who knew?

I'm very pleased to say that I kicked ass on the workout today. My strength did not appear to have suffered since a) my protein is so low; b) my cals are lower than I like; and c) I've not worked out regularly for over a month, aside from last week. In fact, I am convinced that my back is stronger than ever and that I will actually be able to do unassisted chin ups (no jinx) by the end of this 12-week course. Yay!

Additionally, the back and biceps workout designed for me is crazy. Simple, with 5 moves (plus ab exercise added by me) meant to be done in sets of three, they all piled up to make certain movements slightly uncomfortable tonight. I really pushed myself, and know that I'll probably be really feeling it in the morning. (Each of the three-day split routines have five moves plus abs - planks, bicycle crunches, or hanging leg raise.)

Tomorrow is a rest day, and I plan on working on some articles, basic house stuff, and generally not moving very much. My calories will be lower tomorrow, and my carbs lower too, so I'll have to be careful about what I put in my face. I am really looking forward to seeing the results at the end of the week, to find out if strict adherence will actually net me a loss of 2 lb this week, as I anticipate. We'll see.

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